There are some places of student accommodation Champaign, which offer the accommodations to both students as well as families. One such place is 75 Armory, where you also find the families staying in apart from the students. If you are comfortable in staying in such a place of accommodation, or you like to stay in the proximity of families then it can be the right place for you to live.

This is an apartment-based family & student accommodation Champaign, where the students can find a lot of options. In this article, you will know what students get in 75 Armory during their years of study.

Sharing Options for Students

As already stated, families also come to stay in the apartments at 75 Armory, so the rent of an apartment can be a bit expensive. The option of sharing an apartment is
provided to the students.

The students can either take an student accommodation Champaign as private or they can share it with one or two housemates and can make it a double or triple shared flat.

Study Arrangements

The apartments here are not devoid of the study arrangements for the students. Like the proper student accommodations, a set of study table and chair is provided to the students at this place also. The students can prepare for the exams comfortably in the flats.

Wardrobe for Keeping Clothes

There is a lot of storage space in the apartments where you can keep your assets. One such space is a wardrobe. In the wardrobe, you can keep the clothes organized and safe.

Fully Equipped Kitchens

There is a fully equipped kitchen in each apartment available in 75 Armory. A microwave is available in each kitchen, so you can cook the food as well as heat the
eatables whenever you need. On the other hand, a fridge is also available inside the kitchens to get the fresh eatables every time, to make the ice cream, and to freeze the ice.

Besides, there are shelves and drawers inside the kitchens where you can keep all the necessary items.

Smart TV with Netflix

There is a smart TV in each apartment available in this property. On the television, the students can not only enjoy the TV shows but can also have loads of fun with the OTT platforms like Netflix.

Garden/Courtyard for Fresh Air and for Meeting Others

There are times when one needs to roam in the fresh air. For this purpose, a garden/courtyard is available at this property. Here, you can roam in the area, take the fresh air, and get a soothing experience inside greenery.

Besides, you also get a chance here to meet others. One thing that you find different from some other properties is that you also have a chance to meet the families apart from the students. Therefore, you can get some new experiences here.

Arrangement to Play Table Tennis

There is also an arrangement to have fun in your spare time at this property. You get the arrangement to play table tennis in the fun time at this place.


There is also an arrangement of the balcony where also you can have a relaxing time.
Heating Arrangement to Keep the Rooms Warm in the Winter Season. In the extreme winter season, heating the room remains an utmost requirement of a number of residents. If your body is very sensitive to winter, then this facility becomes more important for you.

There is an arrangement of heating in the apartments in 75 Armory. This service is inclusive of bills.

Car Parking Arrangement

If you keep a vehicle then also this can be the right place of accommodation for you. Car parking arrangement is also here. You can park the car here in a systematic and safe manner.

24×7 Security

There is a complete arrangement of security inside the property. There is a 24×7 security staff available that takes care of the residents living in the property as well as their belongings.

Moreover, secure door entry is also provided to the residents, which is an add-on for keeping their belongings safe.

Close Proximity to Many Attractions in the City

The property is available in close proximity to various attractions in the city. You can find some shopping centers, museums, tourist attractions, and pharmacies near 75 Armory.

Therefore, the students have an opportunity to visit various places of their interest while living here.

Final Thoughts

On the websites of student accommodation service providers, you can find “75 Armory” listed under the accommodations available in Champaign, USA. You can read the details about the property there, and book an apartment as per your requirement. Hopefully, you will have an enjoyable time in 75 Armory during your years of study in Champaign.

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