Adobe Acrobat Reader’s standard component, RdrCEF.exe, is known for frequently crashing and causing serious problems to users who use it. Users often search for solutions to the Adobe RdrCEF is not working error. You can resolve the issue if you’re facing the same problem.

This article will provide tips and eas adobe rdrcef has stopped working from running on your computer. Remove this file completely from your computer

What’s RdrCEF.exe?

Adobe RdrCEF stopped working is usually caused by the RdrCEF.exe file, which is included in front of launching jock Reader. Adobe jock Reader may include the RdrCEF.exe file that handles cloud property options. Excessive use of C.P.U. This drawback can also be caused by excessive C.P.U.

This adobe rdrcef has stopped working error is most commonly reported by Adobe Reader version 2017.009.20044. Sometimes, the error may occur even if you change the Adobe jock. You don’t have to be concerned if you are experiencing the same issue. It doesn’t matter what the reason is, you want to fix it quickly and efficiently.

Adobe Error Codes 81: Reasons

There are many reasons why Adobe error code 81 might occur. These are just a few of the reasons for Adobe error code 81.

  • This error is most common when the installer does not run.
  • You may encounter such errors if there are frequent changes to the folder name or application name.
  • Adobe Installer Error Code 811 can occur when there is an issue with Creative Cloud.
  • Adobe Error Code 811 is triggered when the software becomes out of date.
  • Because of the accumulation of junk files.

Update to security version DC 21.007.20091

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC 21.007.20091 will fix vulnerabilities that are considered important and critical. The release notes list a number of fixed bugs. This update is not available to users or administrators.

How to Uninstall or Remove RdrCEF.exe

These are the steps to remove acrocef exe application error completely from your computer. If RdrCEF.exe was part of your software, this will remove it from your computer.

If the file is part of a program, it will have an uninstall program. Then you can run the Uninstaller located in a directory like C: Program Files>Adobe Systems>Adobe Acrobat Reader DC >Adobe RdrCEF> RdrCEF.exe_uninstall.exe.

  1. Or RdrCEF.exe may have been installed with the Windows Installer. To uninstall it, go to System Setting and then open Add or Remove Programs Option.

Next, search for RdrCEF.exe and the software name Adobe Acrobat Reader DC using the search bar. Or you can try the developer name Adobe Systems.

Click on the Uninstall program button to delete RdrCEF.exe from your computer. The Adobe Acrobat Reader DC software and RdrCEF.exe file will now be deleted from your computer.

Method 1: Rename Setup and RDL Services

Adobe Reader has two locations: RdrCEF.exe or RDL Service Updater.exe. It might work if you change the name. Let’s see what happens. Navigate to the Program Files directory (x86). Continue to open the Adobe folder by clicking on it. The two executable files.exe will be found. Don’t forget to keep the full name. Simply add “old” to the end of the file and save it.

Step 2: Install the Adobe Reader

Go to Adobe Reader’s official website. Depending on which OS you are using, select the appropriate version and download the setup file. It is in.exe for Windows and.dmg for Macintosh. After the installation is successful, the old Adobe Reader system files will be deleted and overwritten by the new setup file. You can also open the current version of Adobe Reader. Click on Help to check for updates

What if these Ways Don’t Work?

One of the methods above will work to fix the RdrCEF.exe error. If that fails, you have another option: format and restore your system. This can be time-consuming. It will also delete all installed apps from your computer.

Prepare the bootable storage device. It can be inserted into your computer, and it will restart. All the files will be loaded by the OS. Select the system drive, then click Format. The drive will immediately be deleted from all files. Move on to the next step. Wait until the installation completes.

Follow the instructions on the screen to adjust the date and time zone. You should have the most recent version of the Adobe Reader setup file. It is now time to install it on your computer. The RdrCEF.exe error won’t occur again from now on.

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