Reading is a large market town situated in Berkshire, England. It is an ideal place for the students to live as well as to study. The University of Reading, which was established as an affiliate of Oxford University, is available here. A large number of students from various parts of the world come here to get a higher education.

The city hosts plenty of places of accommodation for the students who come here to study abroad. However, most of the places for student accommodation Reading are perfect according to the needs of the students but here we will mention Kendrick Hall.

Kendrick Hall is chosen by a number of students from India and other parts of the world who search for a study home abroad. This place is full of basic and luxury amenities that are perfectly suitable for the need of the students.

There are three units of accommodations available at this place, about which you will read below. Besides, you will also know about some important aspects that you will find inside this property.

Three Units inside Kendrick Hall

Among the three units inside the Kendrick Hall, one is a studio and the other two are the ensuite rooms. The units have been categorized as:

  • Premium Range 1 Studio
  • Premium Range 1 Ensuite
  • Premium Range 2 Ensuite

The studio is ideal for individuals. On the other hand in the Range 1 ensuite, 4-5 housemates can stay. Three housemates can stay in the Range 2 ensuite also.

What You Find Inside a Studio or Ensuite

In a studio as well as ensuite, the individuals find a plethora of facilities. There is a wardrobe in each unit so the students have no need to worry about the place where they could keep their clothes organized. Besides, the other storage spaces are also available for keeping other assets, such as under-bed storage.

The rooms and studios remain incomplete if there is no study arrangement inside them. Therefore, a set of study table and chair has been provided to the students inside their accommodations. You also find the stools inside the units that you can use for different purposes.

A fully equipped kitchen is the other best amenity here. The kitchen comprises a cooking hob, microwave, fridge, etc.

Some other amenities include an iron & ironing board, mirror, mop & bucket, etc.

Some Other Amenities inside Property

In addition to the above-mentioned ones, there are several other amenities that you can find inside the property. You can read about some prominent ones as under:

  • Study Room and Wi-Fi for Studies

Several times, the students need a place where they could do the disturbance-free studies. For this purpose, a study room has been provided to the students living inside this property.

On the other hand, the internet is a great source of studies for the students in different ways. First, the students can download their assignments & projects. Besides, the online classes are also organized by some colleges today, which can be attended by the students. In addition to all this, the students can use the internet for other purposes also such as communicating with loved ones, doing online shopping, getting involved in social media, etc.

Therefore, the students also get a paid Wi-Fi connection here through which they can connect their smartphones, tablets, and, laptops to the internet.

  • Common Area and Outdoor Area for Meeting Others and for Getting the Fresh Air

There is a common area available at this property where the students can meet each other. So, making new friends is so easy at this place. The residents can befriend each other and help each other in their studies.

On the other hand, there is an outdoor area also available where you can do the same things. In addition, the outdoor area also allows you to roam in the fresh air, which is good for your fitness.

  • Car Parking Area and Bicycle Storage Space for Keeping the Vehicles Safe

There are a number of students who like to keep their own vehicles. Those who keep their own cars can park them in the car parking space in this property. On the other hand, if you keep a bicycle then there is a special bicycle storage space here.

  • Complete Safety Arrangements

The safety arrangements available here include fire safety as well as the safety from intruders. There is a fire extinguisher available for the safety from fire. For the safety from intruders, 24/7 security staff and CCTV cameras are available here. A secure door entry is also provided to the students to keep their belongings safe.  

In addition to all this, to compensate all types of loss, a secure door entry is provided to the students.

To Sum Up

Kendrick Hall also has a support staff whom the students can contact in case of any requirement.

You can book the student rooms abroad easily in this property through online options like the websites of student accommodation service providers.


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