Social media sites, particularly LinkedIn, have swept the globe. It is currently the 4th most visited website in the world. Every day, millions of people use LinkedIn to communicate with each other for business.

So if you have a business, extracting data from LinkedIn is a great opportunity to grow your business. As ordinary people exchange millions of messages, videos, and photos, you can use valuable data to find different types of information.

You can use this LinkedIn data to improve your marketing campaigns, improve your target audience, improve your brand image, and more. Not using a platform like LinkedIn would be a terribly missed opportunity.

That’s why in this article we want to show you what are the best LinkedIn Scraping tools to extract data from LinkedIn business profiles and pages- and thereby discover meaningful business data from LinkedIn about your audience, your competition, your location, and your industry. So, here is the best way and tool to scrape business data from LinkedIn to improve your b2b marketing campaign and business.

What Is The Best Tool To Extract Business Data From LinkedIn?

Scraping public LinkedIn may appear simple, but it isn’t. With errors and captchas, LinkedIn restricts your searches.

All of your troubles will vanish when you use LinkedIn Company Scraper software, allowing you to extract the most authentic and real business data and concentrate on what matters most: growing and expanding your service and business.

LinkedIn Contact Extractor extracts vital business information from LinkedIn business profiles and search results, such as a business address, a business established date, email address (if any), phone number (if any), business name, ratings, reviews, staff, category, zip code, language, website, services, and much more.

LinkedIn Data Extractor creates a list of potential clients in seconds using the LinkedIn network. You can search by any category or keyword such as Hospitals, Marketers, Online Businesses, Restaurants, Cafes, and Hotels, and by zip codes for any city, state, or country.

You don’t need to learn programming languages to scrape data from LinkedIn when you are using this LinkedIn Company Scraper.

Features Of LinkedIn Company Scraper

  • This LinkedIn URL Scraper lets you extract information from hundreds of LinkedIn business profiles daily.
  • Keywords and locations can be used to search and collect data from LinkedIn.
  • You can add a list of LinkedIn business profile URLs in the search bar of the software.
  • The best LinkedIn Scraper can scrape for all the 200 countries supported by LinkedIn and all the categories.
  • CSV and Excel files can be used to export data from LinkedIn to Excel.
  • All current and previous versions of Windows are supported by LinkedIn Profile Scraper.
  • You can use proxies to scrape data from LinkedIn for different locations.
  • Your searched history will be AutoSaved. So, you don’t need to search for data again for repeated keywords and locations.
  • The LinkedIn Scraping tool is ideal for freelancers, marketers, lead experts, and business owners.

Wrap Up:

LinkedIn Company Extractor doesn’t support any other social media site and business directory for data scraping. If you want to scrape data from any other website Like Google Maps, Facebook, Yellow Page, and many more then you can visit our website( to get web scraping tools for these websites.

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