How to Block a Landline Phone Number?

How to Block a Landline Phone Number? Do you want to block a phone number on your landline and don’t know how to do it? 

Here we explain what you have to do to block unwanted calls and unknown numbers on your home phone once and for all. 

Read on and forget about business calls! 

Learn how to block a phone number on the landline

To block calls on a landline, follow these steps:

  1. The first thing you have to do is activate the call barring service by calling your operator. Please note that it may not be free and it may not be possible to block some numbers.
  2. Once your company enables this service for you, pick up the phone and dial *60.
  3. You will hear a voice that, among other things, will confirm whether or not you have number blocking active.
  4. Press the button that indicates the recording (usually number 3) to record the number you want to block.
  5. Now type the contact you want to block.
  6. Press the hash button ( ).
  7. If you want to block more numbers, you can keep entering them and press # at the end. So you can create your “black list”.
  8. When the numbers you have blocked try to call you, they will receive a message informing them that the call cannot be completed. Your phone won’t ring and they won’t bother you again.
  9. If at any time you want to deactivate all blocked calls, just pick up the phone and press *80. If you want to unblock a specific number, dial the phone number as if you were going to call it, then when you hear the dial tone, dial *80.

Can a hidden phone number be blocked on the landline?

If you have Caller ID service, pick up the phone and dial *77. All calls from hidden numbers will be automatically blocked. If at any time you want to unlock them, pick up the phone and dial *87. 

And ready! We hope that you no longer receive annoying incoming calls at home. Do you have any questions? Leave us a comment!

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