PowerToys fans are in for a treat.

Microsoft’s tool software got version 0.61.0.

 Microsoft PowerToys fans are happy the corporation has introduced a new version with more capabilities.

Redmond released PowerToys 0.61.0 lately. This public preview version still has several tweaks and additions. Microsoft’s engineers say Release 0.61 improves stability and performance.


Users of Microsoft PowerToys will be happy to hear that the tech giant has listened to their needs and put out a brand new build full of fun things.

The tech giant Redmond just installed PowerToys 0.61.0 for everyone to use today. The project is still in public preview, but the most recent version has several changes and improvements that are worth noticing.

Officials from Microsoft who are in charge of this company’s software have said that release 0.61 focuses on making things more stable and better.

Windows App SDK runtimes are 1.1.2.

Windows 11 dev channel builds have new context menu items. 0.60 hotfix

To be compatible with software that updates Windows 11’s context menu, old things are presented alongside new ones. This problem was fixed in 0.60.

The entire software uses C#.

Outdated Segoe icon codes were replaced.

On various keyboard layouts, some modules enabled a random accent key.

What’s in PowerToys 0.61.0?

We’ll look at the changelog to examine the release’s enhancements, changes, and known issues.

Always on Top, FancyZones, and PowerToys Run all received quality-of-life improvements.


Fix for flickering app border.

This version fixes a problem always made on Top hang while PowerToys was closed.

Black corners have no boundaries.

The CPU problem has been fixed.

FancyZones corrected a bug that prohibited layouts from being applied when several monitors reported the same serial number. 0.60’s hotfix:

Some virtual monitor configurations couldn’t install structures successfully. 0.60’s hotfix:

Vertical monitors now default to “Rows” instead of “Columns.”


Screen readers now announce size instead of class.

Add-ons for file explorer fix thumbnails for Inkscape-made SVG files.


Editor wording updated for orphaned keys.


Fix for Find My Mouse spotlight hanging in the top-left corner. 0.60’s hotfix:


The PowerRename window responds to dpi.


Typo repaired in WindowWalker plugin UI.

Saving search history on leaving the improved performance.

PowerToys Run no longer displays plugin results when a global query looks for empty spaces.

The plugin supports localized win32 programmes.

The plugin now uses ProgramPluginSettings.json.

The score adjustment parameter is greyed off when a plugin isn’t international.

PowerToys Run plugins only offer numeric score adjustments.

It won’t run from its executable like before WinUI 3 update.

PowerToys Run settings page was misspelt.


I have removed the dead code to create a music installer.

Updated.NET to 6.0.7.

Manually removed PowerToys shortcuts won’t be regenerated following the update.


Updated Windows Store Package submission procedure to display fewer PowerToys UI components. (Version 0.60 patch)

Monitor Report Tool was updated.

Release CI symbols now contain version numbers.

GitHub should display.vs config as JSON.

Centralized NetAnalyzers and StyleCop installations.

Check-version spelling’s 0.0.20.

Problems known

After installing PowerToys, PowerRename and Image Resizer may not display until you restart.

Users say they can’t access Settings. Some programmes are incompatible (RTSS RivaTuner Statistics Server and MSI AfterBurner have known examples of this). If you’re affected, investigate if one of the recommended fixes applies to you.

PowerToys 0.61.0 is available via the Microsoft Store or GitHub.

If PowerToys is already installed on your computer, you may update from the settings menu.

Microsoft and the open-source community created PowerToys.

It includes an app launcher, bulk file renamer, colour picker, keyboard shortcut customizer, etc.

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