Reasons and background for increasing demand for outsourcing

Reasons and background for increasing demand for outsourcing, “Chronic human resource difficulties”

are largely related to the reason and background of the increasing demand for outsourcing in recent years.

In today’s world, where the birthrate is declining and the population is aging, the working population continues to decline,

and labor shortages are becoming a problem in all areas regardless of industry or format.

Therefore, many companies are required to “perform various tasks with a limited number of people.

” In order to promote high-priority operations such as sales activities and major production operations,

the strategy of outsourcing highly specialized operations such as support operations and marketing operations and concentrating human resources on core operations is becoming mainstream.

Which industry/industry is suitable for outsourcing?

There are three main industries and industries that are considered to be compatible with outsourcing.

1. IT-related business

In IT businesses such as system development companies and SaaS vendors, it is not uncommon to outsource various areas such as back office-related work,

specific system development work, customer support, and sales-related work such as inside sales. ..

This is because it is difficult to develop human resources who can respond to the IT industry where technology continues to develop at an accelerating

rate, and it is important to develop business more efficiently. It is related to the fact that there is a tendency to accept.

2. Manufacture and sale of products

In recent years, OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) business has been actively developed in companies whose main business is the manufacture and sale of products.

Therefore, for example, it seems that there are many companies that carry out product planning and development in-house and perform flexible operations such as outsourcing only manufacturing.

3. Store-type business

Even in businesses such as the service industry and restaurant industry that require the operation of physical stores, it is not uncommon to outsource content that requires high expertise such as cost control and inventory management.

It seems that there are many companies that focus on developing their main business and outsource their management work.

Points to note when considering the introduction of outsourcing

One thing to keep in mind when introducing outsourcing is how much you want to outsource your work. It seems that there are many cases where the benefits cannot be fully utilized simply by incorporating outsourcing into the dark clouds.

The first important thing is to distinguish between core and non-core operations. In the core business that is directly linked to profits, it is said that it is better to operate with internal resources because the scheme unique to the company may contribute to the business performance.

On the other hand, most of the non-core operations such as general affairs operations are standardized, so there is little need to devote internal resources, and it can be said that this is an area where outsourcing can be preferentially introduced. 

Ideally, we will strengthen in-house production in areas where we want to concentrate more human resources while accumulating know-how in-house, and actively incorporate outsourcing in areas where we do not. 

To that end, it is important to first identify the process and operation system of each business and determine whether it is necessary or not.

From now on, the era of considering aggressive outsourcing

Business outsourcing is often an effective way to grow your business, although there are some operational considerations.

It cannot be said that future corporate management is required to actively promote outsourcing and utilize limited human resources for business development, focusing on non-core operations with low priority while identifying core operations in the organization. Is not it.

BPO solution for Pasona Panasonic Business Services

Concentrate human resources and resources on your company’s core business through BPO (business outsourcing)

Our strengths are based on the human resources utilization know-how cultivated under Pasona’s corporate philosophy of “solving social problems”

and a wide variety of business experience at Panasonic, a comprehensive electrical equipment manufacturer, in all types of business. We analyze the business process of the company, appropriately divide the non-core business and the core business,

sort out issues, design the business, and improve the operation. And we will create an environment where your company can concentrate human resources and resources on its core business.

Proposal power that combines intelligence and field power

BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) that PBS thinks is not only general “business reorganization” but also “business improvement” to realize the future of the company. 

At times, it can bring about dramatic changes that can be called “business reforms.”

The necessary human resources for this are a consultant who designs and a project manager who realizes it. 

Consultants with multifaceted knowledge grasp the current situation through interviews with management. After in-depth analysis, we will organize each core and non-core area and design BPO.

After that, the project manager will realize BPO while considering the reproducibility of the work in order to realize the design of the consultant.

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