Do you work in a role that needs you to travel on a regular basis? Various studies have shown that productivity levels can drop for frequent business travellers. The good news is that exercise is the most effective antidote. People who exercise while travelling are more attentive and reactive, performing 60% better than people who don’t exercise. 


When you’re used to a certain routine, being on the road might throw things off track. So, here are five recommendations to assist you to keep healthy while working on the go.


Just Move
When you travel, you have the chance to visit new areas. Instead of waking up just before a meeting, try waking up early and going out for a quick walk or a jog. The fresh air outside will wake you up completely. You’ll have a chance to explore a little, while also starting your day positively. 


Prepare mentally ahead of time

Remind yourself how crucial it is to get the seven to eight hours of sleep, so before going out to have a dinner meeting with your clients or have a night out with your colleagues, set a time to get back to your room in time.


Drink Water

When the humidity in a plane cabin drops, the moisture in the air evaporates, which is why you can quickly become dehydrated when flying. Make sure to pick up a water bottle at the airport so you don’t have to rely on cabin service. Drinking water can also rid the body of various toxins. 


Use the Hotel Gym

While most hotels have gyms, they’re not always fully equipped. Most of the hotel gyms I have seen have only a few pieces of equipment and maybe a jump rope or two. The gym at Ramada Tashkent on the other hand is fully equipped and has enough weights. It is well-lit and spacious as well. 




Travelling, as you may know, can be exhausting at times. It can be exhausting to fly, stay in a hotel, and do the work you need to do. If you want to stay healthy and energized when travelling, make sure you get enough sleep and exercise on a daily basis. Good hotel gyms are hard to come by, but the Ramada Tashkent is one of the exceptions.


So, if you’re someone who cannot skip a single day of exercise at the gym like me, don’t forget to stay at Ramada whenever you visit Tashkent!

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