There are millions of WordPress websites and all of them are unique in their way. In other words, there is surely a lot of competition for you on the internet. 

The question remains, how can you beat your competition? This blog will help you understand some proven strategies that can help you get an edge over your competition. wordpress plugin development services are the best for your website.

In this digital age, a website is the first thing that catches the attention of your potential customers. 

It is a digital showcase of your business and with the help of proper SEO, you should be able to outrank the competition. Here are the strategies you should follow to beat the competition with your wordpress service provider website.


Create a blog for your website

A blog is something you can add to your website that will help increase traffic. There are several benefits to having a blog on your website, including SEO and increasing advertiser interest in you or your business

Blogs are a fantastic way to foster brand awareness and build trust in your business. 

Blog posts can tell people about how you got started, give some advice on the industry, cover other topics like what makes you unique, your tips and tricks, or even have a Q & A section where you answer questions from readers.

Build a community for your website

An online community is a group of people who interact with each other over the internet in order to accomplish some sort of goal. 

For example, you can look at communities ranging from something as big as Instagram’s 1+ billion person community to that one private Facebook group you belong to about coffee lovers that happen to have 10 members.

Create a backlink for your website

With backlinks, you can link to other websites. They are powerful tools for your website if the websites you are linking to already have some ranking power of their own. These links help your custom wordpress website design that is ranking to increase its search engine ranking.

If you want more people to visit your website then make sure that it has many links pointing to it from other websites.

choose the best keywords for your website

The best place to find out what a keyword is really meant to be used for is by looking at the website search bar results. Have a friend or colleague type any term you want into their browser, then count and record the number of pages that appear on the first page of results. 

The ideal numbers here would be around five or six will give you traffic. At least two hundred thousand visitors per month and as little as two or three can actually increase the bounce rate in your site since your pages are irrelevant to what people are looking for

Improve and update your website

Your website needs to be updated as frequently as possible. You should like your business’s ‘shop window’ to be in trend, and updated according to the latest trends so that you can run a successful business.

Today, there are many ways in which you can determine whether or not people like your custom wordpress web design.

You don’t have to just go and ask them what they think. Make sure that your website is SEO-friendly because this is one of the simplest judging points you can use.


It is not easy to beat the competition when you are just starting out. On the other hand, if you have a WordPress website that is already designed, it is easier to beat the competition. 

But, to beat the competition, you need to follow a few strategies. By doing that, you can ensure the success of your WordPress website. 


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